Finished and into the editing
me geeking  storm troopers
714 pages, nearly 200k words.  Volume 1 is in the bag, and now the red-pen and editing is in full swing.  Finished The Burning Saga volume 1 1-27-10.

Boarding and outlining volume 2 now.

Test readers seem positive so far, which giveth me a bit o' hope.

Back to "killin' mah children" as editing is sometimes known as.  :-D

mo' writing
me geeking  storm troopers
Past 450 pages.  Story moving along, and check points on the outline gettin' ticked off  as 'been there'. :D

Never thought I'd blog, but it is an interesting way to think out loud, especially if no one is watching, but the POTENTIAL for someone to be watching is there.

Well, back to the narrative!

writing and the mountain of paper
me geeking  storm troopers
Well, I figure I might as well use this blog space...I did sign up for it after all.
Probably more later about me and such, but..........I just passed 400 pages of manuscript, and felt like shouting it to the world.
Its just a page number, and the story still has many pages left to complete the tale, but I needed to go YO! DAMN! 400 pages!
There.  I feel better, and back to page 401, which when telling a good story, means its startin' ta cook now.  :D



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